Myths About Buying A Vacation Home

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Are you thinking about buying a vacation home? Maybe owning two homes is part of your retirement dream. Maybe you'd like to have a second home in your favorite holiday locale. If you are thinking about taking this step, you might have talked to family and friends about it. Unfortunately, many people give well-intentioned, yet poor advice when it comes to buying a vacation home. Here are some myths -- and the truth -- about buying a second home straight from leading real estate experts. You Can Buy A Vacation Home With No Money Down You have probably seen advertisements…
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3 Things to Consider Before Buying a Vacation Home Abroad

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The call of fancy vacation locations and the additional earnings that can come along with this type of home may appeal to many homebuyers, but a lot of time and money can go into maintaining a second property. If you're currently considering a vacation home for your own use or as a potential investment, here are a few factors to consider before jumping into the fray of a long distance home. Will You Use It Enough? A home in a far-off place can be a great means of having a place to visit each year, but one of the problems…
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